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If anyone wonders why you've randomly been added by me, this is Sparrowinsky from Livejournal. I'm attempting to migrate and thus add all friends from there who have accounts here... not that I'm any more likely to post, but oh well.
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Dear Yuletide Author, )

Thank you so much, Yuletide Author!
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Attempting to actually use DreamWidth (will probably be as successful as in using LiveJournal. I suck.)

Does anyone have a journal over there I can add?

<3 you all even though I never comment!

<-- lazy.
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So, that whole barring of disaster thing didn't really work out. In related news, Homepath financing sucks balls and I will not be purchasing a house.

I have a camera, though. That's good.
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So........ barring disaster of some kind, I'll own this house as of January 27th. I sign the papers tonight.
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And who wants a writing buddy? Since they've finally got it functioning on the site again.

In other news, I'm going to filter my nano crap, so let me know if you care to see random scribbles and stuff.

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Spent all day sleeping or stumbling around sick wearing my snuggy backwards.

Husband keeps humming Darth Vader theme. :(
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I don't collect bookmarks, my Delicious account was never used, I only heard of Pinboard yesterday and I'm still not entirely sure what Diigo (Diigio?) is, other than something that doesn't like porn, but.

You guys.

I <3 fandom so much.

Is it weird that I both laughed and cried while reading that GoogleDoc? I don't think I can articulate how awesome fandom really is. *<3's you all*


Sep. 26th, 2011 05:17 pm
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So there was a commercial on tv for a new movie and I looked up and was like "oh, new Three Musketeers movie, nice!"


I will see this movie and then I think I can die happy.
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Random: my keyboard keeps switching to Dvorak, and I mean like RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF SENTENCES. It is super weird.

Would anyone be willing to beta an ASOIAF Sansa/Sandor fic of about 1000-5000 words (not sure how long it'll end up) for me?

I haven't written anything long in ages (and really, over 500 words is long for me), I feel so rusty and horrible. Blech. Words, why are you hard?


Sep. 15th, 2011 04:56 pm
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I have, for reasons unknown, hives.

I am very sad about this. :( :( :(

(How long does it take for antihistamines and itch cream to kick in?)


Sep. 5th, 2011 12:04 am
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I'm looking at meal plans so I can lose weight/get fitter/stop being about an eyelash-width away from diabetes etc., since the boy and I have been talking about maybe trying for kids next year.

Unfortunately, chicken seems to be about the only thing I can stand on these lists.

They want me to eat blueberries. This is unacceptable.

Oh healthy food, why must you be awful.
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I Write Like...

Analyzes writing snippets and tells you what author it resembles. I of course did everything of mine I could find without effort. I LOVE THIS SITE. And... apparently I primarily write like James Joyce and Chuck Palahniuk? I have read the latter, but not the former. I have heard of him, in a vague, English 101 way.

Fanfic, reverse chronological order

James Joyce (ASOIAF, Sansa/Hound)
James Joyce (ASOIAF, Sansa/Hound)
Chuck Palahniuk (District 9- Sunder pt 4)
Chuck Palahniuk (District 9- Sunder pt 1)
Anne Rice (District 9- Sunder pt 2 [I'm figuring it's due to the graphic sex])
James Joyce (District 9- Sunder pt 3)
William Gibson (Fallout 3- a way to carry on, Butch/Amata)
William Gibson (Fallout 3- Vaulti/Charon)
James Joyce (Fallout 3- Trust, Gob/Vaultie)
J R R Tolkien ("On The Wall" ...wait for it... LOT F'ing R BOOYAH)
Margaret Mitchell (BtVS- Winter Syndrome by Dawn Summers)
Margaret Atwood (BtVS- Caged Thoughts [sequel to Winter Syndrome] [apparently I write BtVS like a Margaret)
Gertrude Stein (POTC- Rats with 9 Lives [Jack Sparrow character piece])
James Joyce (West Wing, Donna/CJ sorta)
Chuck Palahniuk (Ch1-Will), Gertrude Stein (Ch2-Sam), J D Salinger (Ch3-Josh) (West Wing, character pieces)
James Joyce (West Wing, Donna/Josh)
Gertrude Stein (West Wing, Sam/Josh)

Original stuff, no order

James Joyce (Unnamed introspection romance piece)
Anne Rice (I guess... you might call it literary?)
James Joyce (fantasy, Balti opening v. 1)
J R R Tolkien (Fantasy, Balti opening v. 2)
Chuck Palahniuk (and I don't even know what you'd call the piece)
J R R Tolkien (Lonely Dragons, semi-fantasy opening)
Chuck Palahniuk (the weirdest thing I've ever written)
Chuck Palahniuk (snapshots of a life)
Chuck Palahniuk (contemporary fiction)
James Joyce (random bit of something)
Anne Rice (random fantasy prologue)
James Joyce (a doodle of imagery)
Chuck Palahniuk (sort of... character porn? I guess?)
Ursula K Le Guin (Scifi snippet re-imagining of The Matchstick Girl)
Stephen King (random crazy pyro snippet)
William Gibson (random post-apoc snippet)
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Fulfilling a promise to [ profile] misschili for kitten pics.

They are my mother-in-law's, not mine, but I named them. BOW BEFORE THE CUTE.

Mayhem, being adorable and tiny while sleeping on my husband.

Ditto, because D'AWWWCUTE.

And once more from a different angle because tiny kittens + large men just seems awesome to me.

After that serene moment, the husband went home to get my computer for me what with all the actual sleeping and stuff he did that makes him capable of driving, therefore moving the Mayhem. Mayhem ended up on my shoulder and didn't move until I started typing.

What with my feline eppaulette and all, I couldn't get up to get a new picture of Mischief, so here you go, a three-day old picture of him chilling in the water bowl.

And her puppy, Ducky. He's been feeling left out with all the kitty action, so I gave him a photo op too.

And that is the end of the kitties.

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Finally got around to watching Inglourious Basterds.

Donnie's yum.

In other news: I have reached the point of night morning where it's really more efficient to stay awake another fifteen hours than to bother going to sleep at all. Fun times!

P.S. Tiny kittens are attacking my toes. It is distressing.

is dark

Apr. 20th, 2011 09:56 pm
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These are totally unbeta'd and written while sleep-deprived, so I apologize for any grammar or spelling errors.

A Beautiful Lie

Rating: PG or PG-13, I think.
Word Count: 178
All the songs lie. )

The Mad Dog's Ride

Rating: M, maybe?
Word Count: 573
It's only fair, the cruelest part of him thinks; he had, after all, stolen Sansa Stark first. )
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I started reading A Game of Thrones this week, figuring if I planned to watch the show, I ought to start with the books. Didn't expect much. I've heard people talk about this series for years, and I've never been remotely interested in it. It took forever to get into the book.

I just finished it.


<3 everybody except you really can't afford to in this series, can you? The author is a bloody bastard and writes exactly the way I wish I did--- here is an awesome character! and now, because life sucks and is always harder than you expect it to be, here is their corpse.
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Another year not doing NaNo. Still ticked at the forums.

I think I'll try Yule this year, if they'll let me sign up (I failed it a few years. They let you sign up if you do a New Years fill, right? They used to...)

ETA: NM, apparently I'm not listed as a defaulter. Yay me!
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Dear super-expensive hair goop:

Why are you nowhere to be found?




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