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So, I'm probably dropping my Viticulture class. The topic is fascinating, but the teacher... I just can't handle it. One, he's drastically wrong about some of the history he was giving us (maybe the wine stuff was accurate-- but the cultural stuff was most definitely NOT), and two, he's freaking ADHD or something. He didn't stay on the same topic for more than five minutes for the ENTIRE THREE HOUR CLASS. I'm sorry, I don't go to a class to sit there, listen to your personal stories and random tangents, and be unable to pick out what the hell I should actually be writing down in my notebook (other than interesting facts like corn was alongside wheat in being one of the first crops when barbarians settled down to be farmers, did you know that? The thing is-- I know types of grains were called corn in Europe. But from all I could gather, he was actually talking about corn-on-the-freaking-cob corn. W. T. F.)

I can handle the complete lack of actually teaching anything better than the lack of accuracy, but combined... I'm not sure I can handle it.

Not that that kept the boy from making me feel like shit when I said I wanted to drop it. :( stupid boy.
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Seriously, am I the only person who doesn't mind going the speed limit?

To the annoying guy in the very large gas-guzzling vehicle which, odds are, you probably don't require: I was going seventy. Seventy is in fact five miles above the speed limit. As I was going above the speed limit and you were alone in the car- ie, sans dying people or women in labor- and had no sirens, you don't get to go past me. No, waving your arms around and yelling at me when I glance in my rear-view mirror isn't going to help. Try the PG&E guy next to me. Also? Driving right next to one vehicle, nearly on the bumper of another, is not safe. There was a whole section of the driver handbook devoted to the subject. I can make allowences for the fact that when you learned to drive, there may not have actually been a handbook, but that still doesn't make you the ruler of the road. Driving is not based on seniority.

I have no desire whatsoever to go above seventy. I did it once, on a straight, empty back road, and that was enough. The speed limit is sixty-five. Everyone goes seventy or more on the freeway, yes, and guess what... it's called SPEEDING. Also? My car is not new. It's currently making funny noises and occasionally stalls at stops. I'm not going to go above seventy, unless an emergency requires it. I have this little quirk where I would prefer not to crash and die.

And see, if you hadn't waved your arms about all indignantly, I would have gone seventy on the two-lane portion as well, instead of sixty-five. I want you to know that I did that for the express purpose of annoying you (and from the way you hauled around me when it opened back up to four lanes, I think I did). It even made me only five minutes early to class, not ten.

This very slighly coherent message brought to you by the fact that the whole thing was kind of hilarious.

Also, the world at large (specifically the portion which drives): Turning lanes are not passing lanes, I am pretty sure it's not legal to use them as such, please stop it now. Kthxbye.


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