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I Write Like...

Analyzes writing snippets and tells you what author it resembles. I of course did everything of mine I could find without effort. I LOVE THIS SITE. And... apparently I primarily write like James Joyce and Chuck Palahniuk? I have read the latter, but not the former. I have heard of him, in a vague, English 101 way.

Fanfic, reverse chronological order

James Joyce (ASOIAF, Sansa/Hound)
James Joyce (ASOIAF, Sansa/Hound)
Chuck Palahniuk (District 9- Sunder pt 4)
Chuck Palahniuk (District 9- Sunder pt 1)
Anne Rice (District 9- Sunder pt 2 [I'm figuring it's due to the graphic sex])
James Joyce (District 9- Sunder pt 3)
William Gibson (Fallout 3- a way to carry on, Butch/Amata)
William Gibson (Fallout 3- Vaulti/Charon)
James Joyce (Fallout 3- Trust, Gob/Vaultie)
J R R Tolkien ("On The Wall" ...wait for it... LOT F'ing R BOOYAH)
Margaret Mitchell (BtVS- Winter Syndrome by Dawn Summers)
Margaret Atwood (BtVS- Caged Thoughts [sequel to Winter Syndrome] [apparently I write BtVS like a Margaret)
Gertrude Stein (POTC- Rats with 9 Lives [Jack Sparrow character piece])
James Joyce (West Wing, Donna/CJ sorta)
Chuck Palahniuk (Ch1-Will), Gertrude Stein (Ch2-Sam), J D Salinger (Ch3-Josh) (West Wing, character pieces)
James Joyce (West Wing, Donna/Josh)
Gertrude Stein (West Wing, Sam/Josh)

Original stuff, no order

James Joyce (Unnamed introspection romance piece)
Anne Rice (I guess... you might call it literary?)
James Joyce (fantasy, Balti opening v. 1)
J R R Tolkien (Fantasy, Balti opening v. 2)
Chuck Palahniuk (and I don't even know what you'd call the piece)
J R R Tolkien (Lonely Dragons, semi-fantasy opening)
Chuck Palahniuk (the weirdest thing I've ever written)
Chuck Palahniuk (snapshots of a life)
Chuck Palahniuk (contemporary fiction)
James Joyce (random bit of something)
Anne Rice (random fantasy prologue)
James Joyce (a doodle of imagery)
Chuck Palahniuk (sort of... character porn? I guess?)
Ursula K Le Guin (Scifi snippet re-imagining of The Matchstick Girl)
Stephen King (random crazy pyro snippet)
William Gibson (random post-apoc snippet)


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